Portable devices

AWSE distributes a line of portable purifiers that provides pure water from any fresh water in nature. Whether for the army, during field missions for NGO, exploration-mining mission, practicing extreme sports, hikers or simple tourists, our range offers the opportunity to always have safe water nearby

This portable device is ideal for a temporary camp to avoid carrying water stocks since it has a maximum filtration capacity of 4000 liters.

This portable device has a capacity of 700 liters purifying the water from any kind of contamination

Peacekeepers have been using this portable device of a capacity of 400 liters during a mission in Africa.

Under-the-sink Water Purifiers To optimize the development of individual station (tap) of drinking water, AWSE suggests the installation of “under-the-sink” water treatment devices connected to the cold water pipe. Indeed, the innovative connection interface simplifies to the maximum the maintenance of the systems – which are carried out safely and only for the replacement of filter cartridges. The installation of a dedicated tap has been designed for security reasons, avoiding any possible confusion with a non-potable water. This option allows to isolate and thus affect the drinking water source for exclusive human consumption.

The above “under-the-sink” purifiers have a capacity of capacity of 8000L and 4000 L respectively. These devices are the ideal domestic solution directly plugged to the existing urban network or domestic water tank.

Since the production of this treated water involves additional costs, it is necessary not to extend its use to sanitary and household needs, unless optimized safety is placed prior water budget and in this case, AWSE would place a filter at the entrance of the local water network, delivering purified water at all spots of the building.

Pre-treatment Water Dispensers

AWSE distributes a wide range of innovative water dispensers with upstream purification.

These water fountains are practical, hygienic, elegant and efficient.

The DX (direct expansion) delivers instantly purified water and chills, heats or gasifies water on demand. This innovative process guarantees a total hygiene: flow is continuous and water never stagnant.

The only technical requirements are an outlet to power the heating or cooling devices and a water network (or a water tank) under pressure to operate these devices at the edge of technology.

It is a perfectly suitable application for hospitals, schools, orphanages, universities, military and police barracks, fire brigades and public buildings (ministries, municipalities, etc.) or private buildings (businesses, banks, factories, etc.).

Efficiency and performances

Various institutions, including United Nations agencies have chosen this purification technology for their hospital projects, investigation centers, humanitarian or military expeditions.

The filtration membrane, manufactured in the USA, used in these systems is independently certified by US-EPA Purification Standards against all three classes of waterborne disease organisms – parasitic cysts, bacteria, and viruses.

Outstandingly effective, they also remove chemical and aesthetic contaminants, providing superbly refreshing, spring-like water (mineral water) for a naturally healthy lifestyle.

The unique purification technology used in the above portable devices, under-the-sink and water dispensers is the same system used in 95% of the aircraft industry.

It has been assessed and approved by more than 130 internationally renowned laboratories such as the Pasteur Institute (FRA), Food Research Institute (USA), US Army BioMedical R&D Lab (USA), Australian Water Committee (AUS), Department of Public Health (ENG), German TÜV Technical Institute, Association of Food and Hygiene (JAP), etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our portable devices, under-the-sink and water dispensers. We remain at your disposal to provide our complete portfolio, laboratory tests or references.