AWSE designs tailor made first class water treatment solutions (UF, RO, MBR, etc.) and delivers plants with efficient production capacity (i.e. from 50 m3 to 3200 m3/day/container for UF). OPEX are optimized and systems have been designed to have low-carbon footprint.

Our specific plant, designed according to your needs will be delivered mounted as package units and easily transportable for a quick start-up. On site, installation can be done in less than 24H depending on the installation with minimized civil work. Only cabling and piping is needed which allows the plant to be quickly installed.
All our systems have been designed to be interconnected with AWSE extensions, enabling to increase capacity without additional work.
AWSE containerized systems are designed for water treatment, waste water and sludge dewatering.

Containerized Solutions
Containerized Solutions

AWSE guarantees to deliver treated water with the following specification:
Turbidity: lower than 0.1 NTU at the outlet of integer module.
Bacteriologic: removal of 6 Log of cysts and bacteria (Cryptosporidium, Giardia) at the outlet of integer module. Removal of 4 Log of viruses at the outlet of integer module.

All our skids are autonomous and automated systems and are equipped with the following:

– Insulation (acoustic & thermal)
– Connector board,
– Reversible Air Conditioning,
– Ventilation,
– Lighting,
– Safety Equipment (eye wash, fire extinguisher, etc.)
– Comfort Equipment (work plan, chair, etc.)

AWSE containerizes skids include an automatism which manages the embedded equipment (pumps, valves, prefilter, sensors …). This automation is able to control and manage other peripheral equipment (as pumps) or communicate with other devices through digital information and analog (variable).

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details and technical files. We can clearly resolve all your water challenges.