AWSE designs and builds Micro Water Recycling Plants (MRP) systems in closed loop, which gives users full and unlimited access to a source of pure water without being dependent on traditional water network. This innovative system, coupled with our purification technology in closed loop is a revolution that can be settled for single domestic needs or group of houses, neighborhoods, residential areas, military barracks, schools, universities, public buildings, hospitals, prisons, etc.

Micro Recycling Plant
Micro Recycling Plant

Budget Management: an excellent ROI

The major advantage of this system, despite from the unbelievable unlimited access to drinkable water, is the economic aspect: while comparing traditional sewage treatments and Micro Recycling Plant, appears impressive ROI since there is on one side a low investment and maintenance compared to traditional water treatment plants with its initial CAPEX and heavy OPEX.

Other hidden costs of regional shortage of drinkable water that are difficult to quantify are:

· budget required for the purchase of bottled water (average of 100 times more)
· cost of treating infected patients in hospitals,
· energy and time wasted to address these issues,
· national and international political impact,
· more globally the national impact on productivity and sustainable growth of a country suffering of drinkable water shortage,
· etc.

AWSE remains at your disposal to discuss infrastructure development so do not hesitate to contact us should you have any potential projects in water optimization.