Drilling water wells

A strong partnership with a leader of the Drilling Industry

AWSE joins forces with one of the worldwide leading company for large scale projects – starting from 200 to 900 boreholes/contract and above), building on a 50 years experience partner and having to its credit more than 40 000 production water wells drilling from 20 meters to 2000 meters.

Our technical expertise allows us to equip water wells with solar panels, handle water distribution with magnetic cards, and to provide all necessary information to understand and handle the water resource.

Contact us to detail your needs with delivery requirements. We will give us all necessary feed-back as soon as possible with a customized proposal.

A strong experience in drilling water wells

AWSE has gained experience over the past years in drilling and owns its own water well rigs. Specialized in water well drilling, irrigation for agriculture and industrial needs, AWSE masters a wide range of techniques used in water drilling, including inspection, servicing or rehabilitation of water wells.

Our structure can deliver integrated packages and turn-key projects to its customers and initial and secondary distribution networks in rural and urban zones.

We can also handle specific projects such drilling to mineral water access for bottled water industry which requires sanitary protection equipment or large diameter well for residential supply in cities.

Making use of an innovative reverse circulation technique for water exploration, AWSE is able to detect the presence of water and quantify the volume and the quality of the resource found, to identify the geological formation and detect aquifers encountered.


Drilling water wells