This unique kind of hydropower has been implemented recently but because of its initial high costs and speculations about its environmental impact, its development has been delayed. Today many marine engineers acknowledge the potential of tidal power, an amazing source of renewable energy for African electricity supply who have access to the sea.

Marine energy is a great renewable energy since tidal cycles are influenced by the moon, they are a consistent source of kinetic power and represent a great potential.

There are four types of generating tidal power:
– Tidal stream generator
– Dynamic Tidal Power
– Tidal Power
– Tidal Lagoon.

Wind or solar power face intermittency problems because the sun or wind does not always rise (cloudy weather) or blows.

Tidal turbines, which are similar to windmills, are installed on the seabed in specific locations where ocean currents are important.

Tidal power requires important CAPEX but is an efficient source of energy with low OPEX thanks to the new advancements of the industry, keeping maintenance and connectivity costs at the lowest.

AWSE supports project managers from the study feasibility to the official acceptance of work of tidal power plants delivering its experience and competences all along the project.

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