Hydroelectric Potential Analysis of Territory & Development Strategy Advising

Public Contracting Authority: way upstream projects, AWSE offers to study the small and middle sized hydroelectric option to the scale of a country, a region or a river aiming to help its clients to identify potential projects or define its energetic policy. Within public approach, we take part in elaborating programs of development of hydroelectricity and renewable energies.

Conception of Hydroelectric Power plants of High and Low Fall

Private Contracting Authority: AWSE assists his clients in missions of conception of small and middle sized hydroelectric power plants. We coordinate experts in charge of defining preliminary technical characteristics (hydrogeology, geotechnics, etc.) and designing constructions such as water intakes, pressure pipes, channels, dugout passes, weirs, turbines, buildings, access roads, etc.

Contracting Authority Support of Hydroelectric Projects and Related Constructions

Private Contracting Authority: AWSE assists his clients piloting their hydroelectric projects of small and middle size with high and low falls, solar power plants, and windmills projects. AWSE helps them prepare relations withe the different actors (administration, enterprises, experts, backers, investors, insurers, etc.). We play the role of expert consultant facilitating the coordination, the outcome and the success of hydroelectric projects (water intakes, penstocks, weirs and dams, hydraulic structures, hydroelectric power plants).

Hydroelectric Power Plants & Related Constructions

Private Contracting Authority: AWSE carries out numerous audits and expertises of hydroelectric power plants and hydraulic works such as: purchasing power plants, optimization of producible, financial analysis, hydraulic and hydrologic studies, thorough technical visit of dam, etc.

Impact Studies of Hydroelectric, Windmills and Solar Power Plants

Private and Public Contracting Authority: AWSE works the projects upstream and realizes strategic environmental study: environmental study of wind, solar energy & hydroelectric projects.

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