Every year, the Earth is exposed to solar energy with more than 1 million petawatt-hour, which represents more or less eight thousand times the world’s energy needs per year, estimated at 130 PWh. This energy is extremely abundant, green and endless…

Therefore, solar energy represents a substantial resource of sustainable energy, enabling us to reduce and stabilize green house effects in the atmosphere.

The first serious advancements in the area of solar energy production have been achieved in the 80s by designing the first concentrated solar power plants, which are now producing about 1000 TWh in the world. Thanks to photovoltaic systems or concentrated solar power, sunlight is turned-out into electricity.
Since then, solar energy has turned into a valuable solution to resolve energy production challenges in African countries.

Today the costs of solar energy have seriously dropped off thanks to mass production all around the world as well as installation costs which makes solar energy a more and more affordable green energy.
Within the framework of the support to his public and private customers, AWSE delivers technical expertise such as producible calculation, civil works sizing, environmental and social studies, distribution of energy.

AWSE remains is at your disposal to design and deliver a turn-key power plant or to deliver consultancy in this area.

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