Wind power is created indirectly by solar energy whom solar radiance in the air generates temperature and pressure differentials that moves air and creates wind.

Wind power has been used for ages in human history, certainly the first energy that has changed life of humankind. Indeed, man started using wind power in boats and discover the world but also used wind power to grind grain. Today the wind energy has been optimized and generates electricity with a windmill, also named Aeolian.

Part of AWSE’s greatest mission is to install wind farms in particular areas which would generate consequent power for African people in remote areas since it is as well one cleanest and greenest alternative to fossil fuels, a truly renewable solution for a brighter future.

This campaign promoting the production and consumption of wind power would not only raise awareness about the efficiency of wind mills and sails among African nations but would also boost the African economy and have a positive impact on local living standards.

Aeolians usually has 3 blades held by a rotor at the top of a pole. Winds usually turns the blades from 10 to 25 rounds per minute.

Africa’s future development could also depend greatly on wind energy production on specific areas, a renewable energy resource which has changed human perspective about world’s energy supply since the nineteenth century.

AWSE supports communities and projects managers for turn-key wind power plants with strategic planning. From conception of the project including selection of site, collection of data, final location of wind farm and Aeolians, environmental impact, development program, maintenance, energy distribution, etc.

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