Our history : a Pan-African dream

Africa Water Sanitation Energy (AWSE), Pan-African minded and proudly Sierra Leonean, is born from the challenge of two entrepreneurs friends and business partners to dedicate all their efforts in resolving water and energy problems in Africa and taking Sierra Leone as a pilot project, a country they both care for.

Sharing networks, knowledge, know-how and finance, AWSE founders run today an innovative company delivering water treatment and renewable energy solutions at the forefront of progress to revitalize and develop sustainably Africa.

Our approach : sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow

AWSE focuses on the two main infrastructure developments in Africa – Water & Energy – to speed up sustainable economic and social growths requisite for Africa to become tomorrow’s economic leader.

AWSE is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of service by adhering to rigorous and thorough ethical and moral standards. It delivers today cost-effective, innovative and renewable solutions for African people to have access to purified water and sustainable energy.

Discover our Vision, Mision and Core Values