“At AWSE, we have a Pan-African dream: to eradicate water and energy problems in Africa in a sustainable manner” – Paul Escoute, co-founder

Africa Water Sanitation Energy (AWSE) is a Pan-African company, focusing on the infrastructure development of Africa to boost sustainable growth and independence of the continent becoming gradually a leader in tomorrow’s economy.

Discover our comprehensive portfolio of renewable water & energy solutions, for a better future and sustainable growth in Africa.

“Agriculture-Water-Energy is the winning triptych for sustainable growth in Africa. Our goal is to resolve water and energy deficiencies to boost agribusiness and change life of our people all around Africa.” – Paul Escoute, co-founder

AWSE has developed a deep knowledge, acquired a strong experience and built a reliable network of leading partners in the water and renewable energy sector and offers integrated and proven solutions.

Our approach is based on a methodological step-by-step process:

  • Understanding of the needs
  • Analysis of the environment
  • Solution Design & Manufacturing
  • Installation & Start-Up
  • Running Operations & Maintenance
  • Training & Monitoring HR

Green Energy for sustainable growth

With more than 1 billion inhabitants on the continent (2 billion in less than 30 years), only 30% have access to energy today. However, without electricity, there is no access to potable water, health, agriculture, economic growth and therefore to political stability and sustainable growth.

AWSE prioritize hydroelectric power plants because of it’s potential, a cost effective and renewable energy still underexploited in Africa. Only 5% of the hydropower potential of Africa is used while the rivers Congo, Zambezi, Volta, Niger and Nile could all together supply more than 300 GW of electricity!

In other regions of the continent where hydropower is not the most efficient solution, AWSE designs alternative low-carbon energy solutions such as tidal, solar and wind power plants which are now cost competitive with fossil fuels power plants.

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Optimization of water resources

Access to clean water in Africa is a real problem. Today on the continent, 330 million of Africans do not have access to drinking water while the African continent has huge underground water resources estimated of 600 000 km3 of water which is a hundred times more than surface water on the continent.

AWSE delivers turn-key projects to deliver water treatment plants and water network to speed up distribution process of potable water from underground water, surface water, seawater and waste water.

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